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Lord, she never even stopped

Guy Clark was a storyteller. Texas 1947 is about how, when he was a kid, the whole town turned out to see the first non-coal-powered sreamline train blast through his small Texas town.

And it's late afternoon
On a hot Texas day
Somethin' strange is goin' on
And we's all in the way

Well there's fifty or sixty people
Just sittin' on their cars
And the old men left their dominos
And they come down from the bars

And everybody's checkin'
Old Jack Kittrel check his watch
And us kids put our ears
To the rails to hear 'em pop

So we already knowed it
When I finally said, "Train time"
You'd a-thought that Jesus Christ
His-self was rollin' down the line

From Guy Clark - Texas 1947

Here's a link to a video of Guy playing Kerrville in 1996 accompanied by his son Travis Clark on bass.

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