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What I Said to Georgie's Boy Scout Leader

Dear -----,

== snip of mundane stuff ==

If we don't get back to Scouting this year, we may do it next year. It has been really fun. Although tolerating the Scouts anti-Gay bias seems less and less reasonable in light of the way the world is going. I don't want G to get the misconception that intolerance or hate toward any group of people who are being who they are is acceptable. Tolerating intolerance is one thing, but sometimes I feel that I'm abetting it by letting G be a Scout. I wish the Boy Scouts would just grow up and get with the human decency program like the Girl Scouts have. grrrr! (sorry for the rant, but you know...)

In spite of all that, maybe we'll see you tonight or next week.

Thanks, G's Mom
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