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When I was a kid, I found a green caterpillar with short stalks in rows running up its back. The top of each stalk had short black hairs around it and a beautiful colored dot in the center. I named it Colorful and promptly lost it in the house. I was sad for a few days until we found a large cocoon on the underside of one of our kitchen chairs. I kept it in a jar until a large butterfly emerged and I let it go.

As a grown-up, I began to doubt my memory of how incredibly cool and colorful the caterpillar was. But today, in the Austin American Statesman, there was a picture of the same type of caterpillar Colorful was.  It's the vertical caterpillar. It is sooo cool looking! According to the paper, it's a cecropia caterpillar.

The Statesman has more cool caterpillar pictures here.

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