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Fair Sailing

Rick D. Husband -- "I answer for Husband!"
William C. McCool -- "I answer for him!"
Michael P. Anderson -- "Answering for Anderson!"
David Brown -- "I answer for Brown."
Kalpana Chawla -- "I answer for her!"
Laurel Blair Salton Clark -- "I answer for Clark!"
Ilan Ramon  -- "I answer for Ramon!"

Francis R. (Dick) Scobee  -- "Answering for Scobee!"
Michael J. Smith  -- "I answer for Smith!"
Judith A. Resnik  -- "I answer for Resnik!"
Ronald E. McNair  -- "I answer for him!"
Ellison S. Onizuka  -- "Answering for Onizuka!"
Gregory B. Jarvis  -- "I answer for him!"
Sharon Christa McAuliffe  -- "I answer for McAuliffe!"

"All present sir."

Tags: space

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    It looks like they landed the capsule separately by parachute and then landed the rocket on the landing pad. The landing is just amazing.

  • The Perseids

    This is the best article I could find about the Perseid meteor shower. It should start around 11 pm. It will run tomorrow night, Sunday night and…

  • Curiosity Sticks the Landing!

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