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Space Cadet

Tough Case

I fixed my washing machine today. The lid switch was broken so it wouldn't run the spin cycle.

So I searched the Internet and found how to replace the switch. I ordered the part online and it came last week. The directions worked fairly well and the switch swap was very straightforward. I would have been done fairly quickly except I put the case back on wrong and it got stuck partway on. It wouldn't go the rest of the way on and it wouldn't come off. I started cussing and G thought I was cussing at him. We got that sorted out and after much more cussing I got the stupid case off and then I put it on the right way.

Soon we will have clean clothes.

Bare Naked
No Power in the 'Verse

Jiggling Down Under

I fixed my stupid garbage disposal. I hate the garbage disposal because it's too easy to break and you have to run it every few days it even if you don't use it or it will get gummed up. So the other day I turned it on and a small ceramic dish was down in it. I turned it off immediately and got all the shards I could out, but the stupid thing wouldn't run anymore. When I turned the switch on, it would just make a subdued hum and it wouldn't spin.

So I looked online and found out that there is a hole in the bottom of the disposal where you can put an Allen wrench in and turn the grinder by hand. So I bought a set of Allen wrenches and jiggled the grinder from below. It took a bit of work, but I got it to spin and now it runs just fine.

Go me!